Do you want to supply Wifi internet access to staff anytime, meeting rooms users just for a few hours and café users between 12 and 2 ?

We did it for Carrington Business Park. WN1 IT was chosen to replace an old wireless system that could meet a set of needs. Being a busy business centre there are different users staff, conference room attendees and people using the onsite café. The centre wanted to offer different levels of internet access to each.

  • Staff could access anytime and only wanted to connect once and then be-able to reconnect without re-entering password.
  • Meeting room users required access but only for a set amount of time.
  • Café users could only access between 12 and 2.


The system that WN1 IT supplied and fitted meet those requirements and allowed for extra flexibility. The meeting room users connected by means of collecting a voucher code from reception which could be set for a specified amount of time. For example, if a meeting room was booked for 1 day a voucher could be produced giving access to multiple attendee for one day.