What is it?

WN1 IT is making Self-Install available across all our Fibre Broadband products. The new FTTC Self-Install service will allow customers to install FTTC Broadband without a requirement for an engineer visit to their premises. Instead, the Openreach engineer performs the necessary work at the local street cabinet (or PCP) and the end customer then completes the installation by plugging in a BT approved router. This will give you the freedom to install Fibre Broadband on your own time-scales, removing many unnecessary headaches or delays as a result of missed BT Openreach engineer appointments.

From 16th March 2016, all new orders for Fibre Broadband placed will have the option to be provisioned as Self-Installs.
Self-Install vs Managed Install

WN1 IT believe that Self-Install makes provisioning a new FTTC service faster and more flexible, we also understand that it might not be the right approach for every customer. As a result, customers will still be able to choose between Self-install and a managed/engineer install at the point of order. Managed Installs will still involve an Openreach engineer visiting the customers’ premises. In this instance, the BT Openreach engineer will continue to visit the end customers’ premises to perform the installation and test to ensure it is working correctly.