Ethernet lease lines

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Ethernet lease lines provide a dedicated internet connection for your office. It is different from a standard broadband connection in that the connection between your office and the internet is not shared with your neighbours. Speed wise it is the same speed in both directions; for example you can upload to Dropbox at the same speed as you can download. Speeds are available are from 10mb to 10Gb so there is enough for most appications.

Ethernet lease lines are usually deployed over a fibre optic cable and are backed up with a 4 or 6 hour break fix service level agreement. This alone sets then apart from a standard broadband connection which has a best endeavours SLA.

WN1 IT been providing Ethernet lease lines to companies of different sizes for many years. Call us on 01942 807060 and we’ll help you make an informed decision on the best way forward.

If you are a landlord and are looking to offer higher speed reliable internet access to your tenants; want to make your offering better that your rivals, we have successfully done this for small managed office centres to campus/science parks. We can help you run the service in different ways to so that you get the return on your investment.

Our services comes complete with a managed router, DDoS protection and circuit monitoring. With options of a 2nd backup line for extra peace of mind.

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We have been a customer of WN1’s for over 12 months now and have recently renewed our support contract with them as they have met our expectations and more during this difficult climate. Whenever any problems have occurred, as they inevitably do, WN1 have always reacted in a friendly professional manner doing whatever it takes to ensure we are running efficiently. IT is a key part of our business and the support of WN1 is vital to our future growth plans. We are happy to recommend WN1 to anyone looking for an efficient IT partner providing great value customer service.

Jonathan Smith

Like most companies, our computer users are very confident with Office software such as Word and Excel. However, when it comes to the stuff we’re not familiar with, we have been able to rely on the prompt service, friendly nature and technical ability WN1-IT provides.

Roger Souter

MD, Souter