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Fibre broadband allows your business to connect to the internet at a faster speed that the old ADSL broadband. It comes in two speeds upto 40mb or upto 40mb download. These higher speeds compared with the upto 24mb that was possible with ADSL allows your business to do more. Using the latest Cloud based phone systems now become an option so not only can you take advantage of the latest feature but you can start to save money as well.

Using more cloud/internet based solutions allows your business to be more flexible in the way it works and fibre broadband is the 1st step to making it happen.

The benefits are simple

  • Higher speed
  • First step to accessing cloud services
  • More reliable (we have seen less issues with fibre compared to the old copper)
  • Unlimited usage
  • Perfect for VOIP / hosted voice services
  • Great for collaboration

Our services comes complete DDoS protection and circuit monitoring.

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Up 40mb

£34.95 Per month

  • Upto 40mb download and 10mb upload
  • Unlimited usage
  • 12 month minimum contract
  • Static ip address
  • UK support
  • Excludes VAT and installation

Upto 80mb

£37.95 per month

  • Upto 80mb download and 20mb upload
  • Unlimited usage
  • 12 month minimum contract
  • Static ip address
  • UK support
  • Excludes VAT and installation

  • Business fibre broadband
  • High speed internet access
  • Office internet
  • VOIP connections
We have been a customer of WN1’s for over 12 months now and have recently renewed our support contract with them as they have met our expectations and more during this difficult climate. Whenever any problems have occurred, as they inevitably do, WN1 have always reacted in a friendly professional manner doing whatever it takes to ensure we are running efficiently. IT is a key part of our business and the support of WN1 is vital to our future growth plans. We are happy to recommend WN1 to anyone looking for an efficient IT partner providing great value customer service.

Jonathan Smith

Like most companies, our computer users are very confident with Office software such as Word and Excel. However, when it comes to the stuff we’re not familiar with, we have been able to rely on the prompt service, friendly nature and technical ability WN1-IT provides.

Roger Souter

MD, Souter