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Why all the fuss about VOIP / hosted cloud voice systems ?

Using a hosted VOIP system is essentially making phone calls over the internet. So no more ISDN lines or phone lines, you can ditch the big old phone systems. When VOIP systems first came out we at WN1 IT, didn’t like them because the call quality just wasn’t as good as a normal phone line. Since the take up of fibre broadband the internet connections available make it possible.

We have been using a VOIP system since December 2015 and spending all day on the phone dealing with IT issues, call quality hasn’t been an issue.

That is why we are proud to offer VOIP setups at a simple deal, £15 per month per handset, including the handset and 5000 minutes per user for 01 / 02 and UK mobiles. We then group those free calls for the whole company. (if you have 10 handset that is 50,000 free minutes, or 100+ business hours per month – a lot of talking)

But why use a hosted VOIP system, cheap calls are the first reason, then flexibility, you can move the phones to anywhere in the country plug them into an internet connection and then make calls as though you are in the office. You can transfer your existing phone number(s) and even get some new ones.

For example, we sold one handset to a one-man band, he keeps the handset in the office and makes and receives calls as normal. But he can also open the app on his mobile or laptop and make and receive calls. While he is spending the summer in the South of France he can continue to work.

All the normal features that you would expect are available, hunt groups, voice mail, press 1 etc.

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  • £15.00+vat per month per handset
  • 5000 minutes per handset to UK 01/02 and mobile
  • Great international rates
  • 12 month terms
  • Includes Polycom VVX411 Handset
  • Includes mobile / laptop app
We have been a customer of WN1’s for over 12 months now and have recently renewed our support contract with them as they have met our expectations and more during this difficult climate. Whenever any problems have occurred, as they inevitably do, WN1 have always reacted in a friendly professional manner doing whatever it takes to ensure we are running efficiently. IT is a key part of our business and the support of WN1 is vital to our future growth plans. We are happy to recommend WN1 to anyone looking for an efficient IT partner providing great value customer service.

Jonathan Smith

Like most companies, our computer users are very confident with Office software such as Word and Excel. However, when it comes to the stuff we’re not familiar with, we have been able to rely on the prompt service, friendly nature and technical ability WN1-IT provides.

Roger Souter

MD, Souter