We at WN1 IT use DrayTek routers and have for over 10 years, we like them because they just work, they are reliable and are feature rich for the price point. DrayTek are very good a adding new features to existing hardware as a free of charge firmware upgrade. They have just launched another feature allowing for guess / hotspot web portal, read the full article here, below is an excerpt from their news article. For more information about setting it up for your business please contact us.

DrayTek Hotspot Web Portal

Offering ‘Guest Internet Access’ to customers or visitors to your premises is a common part of visitor hospitality and presents an opportunity for branding and engagement whilst also being able to restrict access or ensure users understand the service provision.

Often, you might want a welcome page, displaying your own branding (remind them who they have to thank!), advertise special offers or just provide a welcome message.

You may also want to obligate them to accept ‘Terms and Conditions’ or an ‘Acceptable Usage Policy’ before going online in order to protect your own organsation but also to remind them of responsible usage.

If you don’t want to provide self-service free-to-all access, you may want to authenticate or identify users before they can access the Internet through the guest network, perhaps giving out unique access passwords or daily changing codes, with or without time limits (e.g. max 2 hours access). You may also want to collect their personal information (e.g. email address) or encourage them to ‘Like’ or check into your premises/business as a quid-pro-quo for Internet access.

DrayTek’s comprehensive Hotspot Web Portal is a highly configurable and customisable way to direct users to a Hotspot Portal page, when connecting to a network with a DrayTek Vigor router installed as the Hotspot controller.

DrayTek Hotspot Web Portal makes it possible to:

  • Display a welcome page with custom branding and welcome text
  • Display Terms and Conditions, which the user must accept to access the Internet
  • Authenticate users through their Google and/or Facebook account
  • Authenticate users by sending an Internet access code to their mobile phone via SMS text messaging
  • Require them to provide their information (email address, name or mobile no) in order to gain access (Feature planned for later in 2017 on certain models only)
  • Direct users to a website upon connection or display a notification message
  • Apply the Web Portal to the router’s own wireless networks, or LAN interfaces to provide Hotspot Web Portal on DrayTek VigorAP wireless access points
  • Generate time-limited access tokens (password/PIN) for customers

When users connect to a DrayTek Vigor router’s network with Hotspot Web Portal, they cannot immediately access the Internet and are directed to the Portal login page to accept the Terms and Conditions of the network, or identify themselves with the network through the selected authentication methods.