Software Development

Bespoke software | Management reporting | Web based portals | Data  processing| Database

Here at WN1 IT we have been involved in some interesting and complex software development projects for our clients and with the growth of the business expanding on our resources in software developers we can now serve many more projects enhancing on your business or ideas.

Do you ever find yourself saying;

I wish it/we could do this.“, “There must be a better way.” or “I do this every week, I just wish I could press a button and it could be done.

WN1 IT can help you and your business answer some of these needs by creating or tailoring a software product. We are a software development business with expertise in producing software projects that make a difference in several areas. We can create a website that becomes a tool for your customers so that they are more tied to you.

We can create a reporting system to replace all those spread sheets so that with one click of a button your management reports are produced. We can create a whole order processing system to run your company the way you want it ran not the way that a software package dictates.

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  • Property management systems.
  • Sharepoint sites with workflow.
  • Order processing systems.
  • Reporting systems.
  • Sales commission calculation system.
  • Risk assessment management.
  • Health and safety policy generation system.
  • Invoice tracking system.
  • Help desk system.
  • Action tracking software.
We have been a customer of WN1’s for over 12 months now and have recently renewed our support contract with them as they have met our expectations and more during this difficult climate. Whenever any problems have occurred, as they inevitably do, WN1 have always reacted in a friendly professional manner doing whatever it takes to ensure we are running efficiently. IT is a key part of our business and the support of WN1 is vital to our future growth plans. We are happy to recommend WN1 to anyone looking for an efficient IT partner providing great value customer service.

Jonathan Smith

Like most companies, our computer users are very confident with Office software such as Word and Excel. However, when it comes to the stuff we’re not familiar with, we have been able to rely on the prompt service, friendly nature and technical ability WN1-IT provides.

Roger Souter

MD, Souter